If you live in a home or go to a religious place that teachers you are a sinner and broken, know that we are here to help.

We do NOT believe “homosexuality is a sin” as some churches or parents teach.  We will help you get past this difficult part of life where you feel surrounded by people who cling to outdated and misguided religious teachings that are harmful to you.

We live in exciting times. People are changing in a big way about their attitudes and beliefs towards LGBTQ people. Evangelical Christian pastors who are very well known have issued statements and written books about how they have changed.

Faith In Equality is an excellent website to provide support for LGBTQ youth. Clergy and parents share their advice and experiences. Faith in America is another site that will prove useful, and will help you understand that you aren’t alone, and you aren’t a bad person.

We recommend this article, I’m An Evangelical Minister and I Now Support the LGBT Community, and the Church Should Too, by Rev. David Gushee. He was a Southern Baptist minister who is now an Independent Baptist.  He’s written a great book “Changing our Minds” that you can purchase on line. We also have copies that have been donated, so you can arrange to pick up at no cost.

Rev. Tony Campolo is another major force in the Evangelical Christian world and after years of preaching “homosexuality is a sin” he realized the harm this was causing. This is a statement  he released on his website on June 8, 2015, and it’s wise and urges kindness.

Matthew Vines was a student at Harvard University in 2011 when he came out to his parents.  The experience led him to make a video that has now has nearly one million views! This educational video will give you a good understanding of what the Bible does and doesn’t say about LGBT people, and how it is has been interpreted in a very harmful way over the years.  Matthew has also written a book “God and the Gay Christian” which is available on line, and we have free copies available.  He leads a national organization to educate Evangelicals and other Christians to a new and healthier understanding of Scriptures: www.reformationproject.org

One of the most interesting articles that came out of Matthews experience was the story of his strongly Evangelical Christian father who changed his mind towards LGBT people once he understood the Bible better.  Read it here.

Finally, a tremendous resource is a book written by local businessman Mitchell Gold titled Youth in Crisis.  It has received national acclaim, and the author was invited to the nationally well known Charlie Rose Show. The book was highlighted on CBS Sunday Morning and in hundreds of print, radio and TV interviews. We provide copies to many people, and it has improved emotional health and literally saved lives.

“The book is a must read for every teenager in America whether they are coming to terms with their own sexual orientation or that of a family member, friend, classmate, or fellow congregant.” -Dave Ferguson

The rest of that review, which gives an excellent summary of the usefulness of this book, can be found hereYouth in Crisis can be purchased on line and we have free copies available.

We urge you to be careful talking to your parents or ministers until you have some confidence that they will be welcoming of new and different information. We invite you to talk with us first.